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Enhanced Security

Bodyguards or armed security guards are those who have weapons that can protect a person from danger. They are highly trained to handle weapons and protect someone from any form of threat. Aside from quality Seattle Town Car services, Global Town Car can also provide you with enhanced car travel security such as these.

For us, your security is of utmost importance. The bodyguards and armed security guards affiliated with us underwent proper training to be able to acquire the needed skills used for surveillance and individual protection and evasive car maneuvering. To qualify for the position, they underwent a thorough background checks to ensure that they have clean criminal records and proper military or cavilian police training.

If you are a businessman who needs security while traveling, we will be able to provide you with a fully-tinted Seattle corporate car service or a Seattle Limo together with an armed security. We value our clients safety so we will ensure that you are protected while you are under our services.

Security officers are trained to protect government officials, CEO's, celebrities, businessmen and other very important persons. They are knowledgeable in operating under pressure. If you are concerned about your safety, you can book a with us in advance and mention that you particularly need security. We will be more than glad to prepare all your needed security and rest assured that our people will be waiting for you once you arrive in Seattle. If you are already in Seattle, we can arrange a Seattle Town Car Service for you.

While Seattle is home to many incredibly rich people, violence and lawlessness can never be avoided. Although the police force in Seattle takes their jobs seriously, they cannot attend to each and every resident or tourist at all times. We work to ensure the safety of our clients by providing personal and coorperate security whenever needed. With our VIP protection, we will eliminate your stress of being in a totally unfamiliar environment. We offer several options of VIP protection that you can customize according to your needs.

We can provide you with a security personnel, a chauffeur and a Seattle VIP Limo Service limousine if you need one. If you prefer to be of low profile, you can choose from among our list of sedans and SUVs. As a diplomat or a VIP, it can be uncomfortable for you to travel unprotected around Seattle, so you may choose as many bodyguards as you want, depending on your needs. Having your own security personnel will keep your mind at ease to help you fully enjoy your trip.

We are proud to say that our company has years 12 years of experience in providing specially trained security personal for any individual traveling in Seattle. We have the reputation of being a trustworthy and noteworthy professional partner. Our staff works 24/7 to supervise all our clients and ensure that our chauffeurs and security officers are able to perform their job well and provide the highest standard of protection and Seattle Airport Transportation. When any problem arises, we can be contacted at any time of the day to ensure that the needs of our clients are met.